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Pool Remodels

Pool Remodels, Bakersfield, CA A well-installed pool can provide several years of enjoyment and seamless service for your family. However, this feature is open to the elements, and it suffers from this exposure and regular use. Hire us for pool remodeling, if the pool equipment isn’t functioning correctly or if the feature has begun looking lackluster and old.

Signs That You Need Pool Remodeling

Maintaining the pool's appeal, functionality, and safety is about ensuring that all the features, surfaces, accessories, and amenities always stay in good condition. A dirty, damaged, deteriorating pool and dysfunctional equipment make the water and the pool areas unsafe for use. You need to be aware and alert enough to notice common signs of damage and deterioration such as:

  • Peeling/chipping plaster
  • Loose aggregates
  • Loose tiling
  • Pebble stones
  • Cloudy/smelly water
  • Leaks

Customized Swimming Pool Remodels

Even if your pool isn't showing any of these signs, but you want a change in the pool styling or functionality, contact us, and discuss your requirements with our swimming pool remodelers. We are a highly experienced and reputable company in Bakersfield, CA, and have a solid customer base in the region. We cater to all types of pool remodeling requirements, ensuring that your swimming pool always stays in excellent condition.

Our company focuses on customization and takes the time to listen to your needs, swimming pool ideas, and design requirements. We use high-grade materials, products, and equipment in our work, ensuring your pool’s attractiveness and longevity. Timely repairs and renovations, and additions can improve your pool’s functionality and your property’s value.

Range of Pool Remodeling Services

Our team is skilled, creative, and knowledgeable. During the consultation, the experts note all your requirements while offering their recommendations and input. Since there are several products and materials on the market, they will provide you with all the information and details you need, helping you make an informed decision about the types of features and elements you want to replace, add, or change. The range of swimming pool remodeling services we offer include:

  • Modifying the pool’s length, style, and shape
  • Adding pool tiling, or custom masonry, stonework, or brickwork
  • Adding tanning ledges
  • Adding a diving board or exercise swim jets
  • Installing a spa in the poolscape
  • Installing a water feature in the pool
  • Installing a kiddie pool
  • Installing a water slide in the kiddie pool
  • Repairs/replacement of decks
  • Adding poolscape or underwater lighting
  • Vinyl liner installation
  • Coping replacement/repairs
  • Pool equipment replacements
  • Installing pool edging
  • Pool plumbing repairs/replacement
  • Adding pool steps
  • Other custom modifications

Cost-Effective Pool Remodeling Solutions

Once you approve the designs and plans, we will complete the work according to industry standards and with the least amount of disturbance to your day-to-day activities. We offer the perfect balance of reliability, high-grade services, top-notch products, and materials so you get a swimming pool that will be a pleasure to use, adding to your property’s value.

For additional information regarding our pool remodeling solutions, feel free to contact Nu Pools at 661-328-9493. You can also send us your queries and service requests through this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will call you shortly.