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Fountains, Bakersfield, CA When homeowners plan their yards and gardens, they want to make sure that every feature and installation is functional and looks attractive. One way to create a unique look in your outdoor areas is to add water features such as fountains to your landscaping. The water element enhances the beauty while adding freshness and serenity to these areas. If you have a larger landscape, you should consider including more than one water feature.

At Nu Pools, we are committed to providing our clients excellent value for money, so whether you need a natural stone fountain for a new landscape or as an addition to an existing yard, we can help. We are committed to providing our clients with excellent value for money, and this commitment is evident from the moment you connect with us for the first time until project completion.

Custom-Designed Fountains

We work with you, making sure that we fully understand your specific requirements before coming up with suitable solutions that meet them. We make sure that the fountains we design and install blend in beautifully with your landscape's aesthetic. If you have inspirational photos of a fountain you have particularly liked, we can create one just like it for you.

Our customized approach helps to ensure that you get a stunning fountain that uplifts' your outdoor area's appeal and your property's value. Creating superb water features is what we do, and you will find that our unique designs and superior artistry help create outstanding pieces that become your yard's focal points. Over the years, we have designed and installed many unique, long-lasting water features on our clients' properties in and around Bakersfield, CA.

Aspects We Consider During Water Feature Installation

We take various aspects into account when planning and designing water features such as:

  • The property’s size and layout
  • Location of the water feature
  • Water and drainage installations
  • Client preferences
  • Materials to be used
  • The landscape/yard’s design concept and theme
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Your budget
  • Other

Fountains are versatile water features. As mentioned earlier, we will consider your landscape's design theme and follow that in the fountain design. Our skilled and creative designers will provide you with fountain ideas. Whether you want a classic-style, modern, contemporary, Mediterranean, Romanesque, or Baroque-style fountain, we can help.

High-Grade Fountain Installations

We use the best materials and installation techniques so your fountain will be easy to maintain. Some of our clients also prefer pondless fountains, and these are a safer option for homes with kids or pets. This feature can be transformed into a fountain with a standard pond in the future if the need arises. We exceed customer expectations in every project we take up, ensuring that our fountains uplift your landscape/yard’s appeal, increasing its value.

For additional information regarding our custom pools, feel free to contact Nu Pools at 661-328-9493. You can also send us your queries and service requests through this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will call you shortly. We will make sure that you get the pool of your dreams.