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Pool Services, Bakersfield, CA A pool is arguably one of the most attractive, functional features on a residential property. You must plan and install this well for it to be a valuable addition to your property. At Nu Pools, we are a reputable and experienced pool builder in Bakersfield, CA. Over the years, we have designed and built many pools here and in the surrounding areas.

Our expertise stretches beyond providing pool construction services. We also handle all types of spa and fountain installations, pool remodels, and pool maintenance works. In simple words, we are a company that can offer a range of pool-related services under a single roof. We focus on customization, ensuring that you get excellent value for money. Here is a closer look at our services:


If you plan to get a pool installed on your property, you need skilled and experienced professionals like us to handle the job. We plan and design all types of pools, offering customized solutions in line with our client's needs. With us handling the job, you can be sure that this feature will be unique, resilient, and perfect in every way. We use high-grade materials and equipment in every swimming pool installation, so the feature will surely add value to your property and provide years of enjoyment. In addition to the actual pool, we also plan and design elements like spas, fountains, etc., that enhance the pool's functionality and beauty. Read More About Pools >>


Spas are a great addition to residential properties, and we provide superior spa design and installation services to our clients. Our creative and skilled team can design various features, including in-ground spas, freestanding spas, adjacent-to-pool spas, aboveground spas, and more. We use modern materials and products in this installation, so you get an outdoor space that enhances your property's beauty and value. If you need a spa built during swimming pool installation or as an addition, we can help with the best and most cost-effective solutions later. Our skilled designers can also elevate your spa space by adding a natural stone fountain and other decorative elements. Read More About Spas >>


Fountains are a great addition to your property and, when placed in suitable locations, can become the landscape or yard's focal point. We offer customized solutions, design, and install fountains that look great, last long, and add to your property's appeal and value. Whether you want an elaborate stone fountain or something straightforward, we can help. We also install these elements in poolscapes and spa areas and ensure that their styling complements the rest of the structures in these spaces. We use the best-grade materials in fountain installations, so you can be sure they will add to the appeal of your outdoor areas for years to come. Read More About Fountains >>

Pool Maintenance

Your pool can remain in good condition only when you maintain it well, and there are many things to focus on in this respect. We are skilled and experienced swimming pool installers that provide pool maintenance solutions to our clients. You can opt for custom pool maintenance plans depending on your needs. These can cover everything from pool repairs, equipment service, pool floor vacuuming, cleaning tiles, equipment check, netting out surface debris, checking chemical and water levels, and more. We use the best products and materials and have the skills to handle every job expertly. You can rest assured that your pool's water will be always clean and safe for use. Read More About Pool Maintenance >>

Pool Remodels

When installing a swimming pool, you focus on getting a superior feature built using high-grade materials and workmanship. However, climatic changes and regular use can cause the installation to deteriorate over time. If you feel that some elements need replacement or a change, we can help with the best pool remodeling services. We have the skills, resources, and knowledge to handle all types of pool remodels, ranging from tile replacement, to adding steps or a kiddie pool, a spa, a tanning deck, fountains, and more. We can also replace pool equipment and mechanisms so that the feature is in good shape again. Read More About Pool Remodels >>

For additional information regarding our custom pools, feel free to contact Nu Pools at 661-328-9493. You can also send us your queries and service requests through this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will call you shortly. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable. They will work closely with you, ensuring that you get high-grade pool designs and remodels services.